About us

Our mission

Our mission is to raise awareness of the Coimbra Protocol. Our most important target group consists of people like ourselves, who are personally affected by an autoimmune disease, but we also target relatives, medical specialists and, increasingly, the general public.

It is important to us that as many patients as possible with autoimmune diseases are given the same chance that we ourselves have been given: the chance to stop the disease and even potentially achieve partial healing. The chance of a life without the serious side effects often associated with medication. In short: the chance to live a life that is as balanced, healthy and happy as possible!

Our team at Coimbraprotokoll gUG consists largely of volunteers, who have themselves been treated with the Coimbra Protocol, and who want to pass on some of the joy and help that they themselves have received through this therapy. Since our work is funded largely through donations, we rely on financial contributions and voluntary assistance from people like you.

Our Donate & Help page explains which roles require voluntary assistance.

Coimbraprotokoll gUG

We set up Coimbraprotokoll gUG as a non-profit organisation in summer 2019 to give the Coimbra Protocol a professional voice in Germany. We are a team of highly motivated volunteers, and most of us are receiving Coimbra Protocol treatment for autoimmune diseases. Many of us have got our lives back, thanks to the Coimbra Protocol.

In close consultation with Dr Coimbra, we have adopted the following objectives in our statutes:

  • To provide information about the work of researcher and doctor Dr Cicero Galli Coimbra on digital media, in print and at events
  • To organise and support networking between patients and doctors who are treated with, or work with, Dr Coimbra’s methods
  • To organise and host information events, workshops and seminars for doctors and patients and their relatives
  • To document figures, data and scientific facts relating to the Coimbra Protocol alternative therapy
  • To promote further research and development in the field of alternative medicine

Coimbraprotokoll gUG was recognised by the Munich Tax Office as a non-profit organisation in summer 2019. It is financed primarily through donations. We generally perform our work without payment; only the costs we incur in connection with our work are covered by donations. In the future, if we generate income from commercial activity, it will be used exclusively to implement the non-profit objectives in our statutes. As soon as our income permits, we intend to create paid part-time jobs for patients or at least pay our dedicated staff a fixed-rate volunteer allowance.

If you would like to support our work, please make a donation at betterplace.org

Thank you! Every little bit helps.