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Appeal for funds to support an additional study at Charité

The study on “Gene Expression Under High-Dose Vitamin D Therapy: The Coimbra Protocol” needs your support! -> More Info

Are you affected by an autoimmune disease and looking for an effective method to stop its progression? Are you researching a gentle solution with few side effects for someone else?
We are volunteers providing information on the work of Dr Cicero G. Coimbra and the network of trained protocol doctors:

  • Discover how the Coimbra Protocol works, why it has a success rate of 70% to 90% in stopping various autoimmune diseases and, in some cases, can reverse symptoms.
  • Read testimonials from patients all over the world.
  • Find all the important information, including an outline of the treatment pathway, costs, necessary lifestyle adjustments and which diseases can be treated successfully.
  • Find the addresses of all certified protocol doctors.

And help us run more voluntary projects to research, document and spread the Coimbra Protocol by making a donation so that as many patients as possible can experience what we have experienced ourselves: disease remission, a reversal of more recent symptoms and a life without side effects.

Happy healing for everyone!

Download the Coimbra flyer:

Current projects:

Our main objective ist to provide information about the Coimbra Protocol on digital media and in social networks.
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Current study:

  • The observational study on the Coimbra Protocol in MS has begun at the Charité university hospital in Berlin.

More information about this study can be found on our Projects Page.

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