Training and professional development

Since 2012, Dr Coimbra has trained more than 150 doctors around the world free of charge as a voluntary service alongside his work as a doctor and researcher. Since 2017, he has cut back his training activities significantly to free up more time for his patients and for speaking at international conferences. Now he only accepts a few requests from doctors enquiring about shadowing him in his practice, concentrating on enquiries from countries in which there are no, or only very few, certified protocol doctors. As a rule, Dr Coimbra is currently no longer accepting enquiries from German-speaking doctors and has asked the European network of protocol doctors, which has been growing since 2017, to organise training and continuing professional development.

In the German-speaking world, the Coimbra Protocol has spread at a phenomenal rate since the end of 2016. As a result of the voluntary PR work carried out by committed patients, 27 doctors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been inspired to train as protocol doctors. 13 of these doctors spent time shadowing Dr Coimbra in his practice and the others were trained in Germany. Dr Beatrix Schweiger, Dr Kai Reichert and Dr Johannes Demuth were tasked directly by Dr Coimbra with training other doctors and received in-depth training for this task. A first pilot workshop in 2018 trained ten doctors from Germany and Switzerland on how to use the Coimbra Protocol to treat autoimmune diseases. Some certified protocol doctors have also trained colleagues in their own practices.

Dr Beatrix Schweiger, her colleague Dr Dirk Lemke and other doctors in the European network of protocol doctors are striving to establish uniform treatment standards and basic quality characteristics for applying the Coimbra Protocol to guarantee the greatest possible level of patient safety. A non-profit association is currently being set up as an umbrella organisation to promote further networking and continuing professional development for certified protocol doctors. As the doctor with overall responsibility, Dr Beatrix Schweiger is expected to continue with the Coimbra Protocol training activities in Germany from autumn 2020 onwards. The training is organised and publicised in collaboration with Coimbraprotokoll gUG. Profits from this work are ploughed straight back into the voluntary work of Coimbraprotokoll gUG for the benefit of patients.

As soon as more information is available about the length, costs and dates of training programmes, you will find it here, along with information on how to apply. Please do not send enquiries by email.

Pilot workshop on the Coimbra Protocol in Germany (Munich 2018)