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Support fund

We would like to set up a fund for patients in financial difficulties to enable them to receive treatment in line with the Coimbra Protocol.

Although the treatment is comparatively inexpensive, it is not currently covered by statutory health insurance in Germany. Unfortunately, this means that some patients cannot access the treatment.

We want to change this situation. Please help us by making a donation.

Legal advice and IT costs

Our website has to be updated and backed up regularly. Technical adjustments have to be programmed, and we need to ensure data security. There are monthly charges for web hosting and the domain name. Our estimated annual expenditure is around €6,000.

Our overheads for office supplies, room hire, telephone and IT costs are around €500 per month. In addition, we need legal advice on matters concerning data protection, tax and contract law.

Please help us finance the basic operations of Coimbraprotokoll gUG, so that we can continue with our project work!

Volunteer allowances

As recognition for the countless hours of work put in by our volunteers, we would like to pay them a fixed-rate volunteer allowance. For this we need €720 per person.

Please support our volunteers with a donation!

Help us by becoming a volunteer

Coimbraprotokoll gUG is a non-profit organisation that relies on the involvement of volunteers. Most of us have an autoimmune disease ourselves and are being treated successfully with the Coimbra Protocol. Through our work, we would like to pass on some of the joy that we have recaptured.

In doing so, we are continuing a tradition that is more than 15 years old: the Coimbra Protocol is shared around the world by a network of unpaid, grateful patients, and has so far spread exclusively through grass-roots channels. There is no commercial advertising or marketing, and Dr Coimbra does not pay anyone in money or shares.

So far, our small team at Coimbraprotokoll gUG has also been working in a purely voluntary capacity, receiving only reimbursement of our costs from donations. As soon as we start receiving a significant income from donations or commercial activities on a regular basis, we will be able to start paying a fixed-rate volunteer allowance. Later on, we would like to offer mini-jobs and part-time positions to people who are unable to find suitable employment because of an autoimmune disease.

If you would like to give something back too, and become a part of our team, please send a short informal application containing a few key points about your talents and skills and the amount of time you can spare, by email to our founder, Christina Kiening:

We would like to fill certain key functions with reliable, committed volunteers. We are looking for someone who can provide approximately 2 to 4 hours a week as an


Approximate duties:

  • Advising on appropriate IT infrastructure and architecture (collaboration platform? Google G Suite? Linkando? MS Office? others?)
  • Configuration and administration of Google G Suite, email accounts, Linkando and any other IT programs
  • Advising on IT security and data protection issues

Useful skills:

  • Practical experience in the above tasks, ideally as a professional
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various IT structures
  • Knowledge of data protection requirements and the legal situation with regard to IT matters


We are always looking for:

Translators, especially in the language combinations German <-> English, German <-> Portuguese, Portuguese <-> English

From time to time, we also need legal advice. Who is able to help us occasionally, either free of charge or on preferential terms?